Environmental Reviews



An environmental review is an examination of the effect of a business on its surrounding environment. Through identifying and quantifying current environmental performance and impacts against best practice models, identifying where improvements and savings can be made. A review focuses on the use and management of raw materials; energy, water and transport usage, waste production, and business processes.


Overview of process

  • Discussions with key staff
  • Review of relevant documentation e.g. waste transfer notes, licenses, energy bills
  • On site assessment of on site processes
  • Formulation of a report and action plan



  • An environmental review provides the opportunity to identify:
  • Environmental opportunities and risks
  • A benchmark for current environmental performance to compare against environmental best practice
  • The business case for investment (time and financial)
  • Key recommendations for your company
  • Cost savings resulting from reduction in energy usage and other resources
  • Alternative recycling options for by-products
  • New revenue from innovative re-cycling opportunities
  • Areas for legal compliance, reduce environmental liability risk
  • Improved good public relations



Varies according to scope and size of company

Initial environmental review would be made up of day on site and day write up

A full environmental review would be up to 2 days on site and 4 days write up


Price : 450 + VAT per day